Invisible Cities

by Invisible Cities

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Invisible Cities

The audio-visual performance project of Audrey Lauro (FR): alt sax Maja Jantar (BE): extended voice performance and Lazara Rosell Albear(CU/BE): drums, electronics, visuals .
This trio choose for uncompromising, instinctive, intuitive, multilayered, multidimensional instant sonic and spatial writings. They find inspiration on the concepts and ideas behind Italo Calvino Invisible Cities book which revolves on imagination and new worlds and John Cage investigations on the structure of syntax and chance.

Music of the elements earth, fire and air
coming from inside, from a hidden place,
improvised ways, with a clear direction around acting/reacting and creating an "universe"


released June 7, 2013

Audrey Lauro ¨^ alt sax
Maja Jantar != polysonic voice
Lazara Rosell Albear <= drums, electronics


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Congris Detached Lab Gent, Belgium

Congris Detached Lab is a no label presenting the sonic research of cuban/belgian artist Lazara Rosell Albear: performance, drums, voice, electronics, pocket trumpet & collaborations.
Thanks for listening!!!

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